UX modelling & Brand


Digital creative direction, UX design, Branding, Workshop

Workshop to set the foundations for the digital design principles & interaction behaviour

  • Goal: Build a living style guide of components to build digital applications
  • Team: defining our MVP & key pages (promotional landing pages)
  • UX: content modelling – analysing the content or components that make up these pages
  • Dev: set up the framework to build the style guide & a CMS


  • We created a tangible brand persona, which will help us define  digital personality and behaviour online

  • An aligned purpose & vision

Visual Inspiration

  • Making the principles visually tangible

Style tiles

  • It’s in-between a moodboard and a mockup

  • It’s a quick way to explore multiple design routes, learn & discuss

  • It’s a way of addressing visual style through type, colour, digital elements & assets


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