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The world’s first onboard VR experience

Idea: Eurostar Odyssey takes users on a breath-taking journey to the seabed of the English Channel, transforming the roof of the train into a glass ceiling that reveals the underwater world beyond the tunnel walls. The adventure is designed for littles ones and the young at heart.

Bringing the fascinating stories of the seabed to passengers

‘Odyssey’ is built into Eurostar’s onboard entertainment system, and can be streamed using a smartphone, making it accessible to every traveler with no need to download any additional software. The interactive gaming element invites passengers to explore and collect aquatic life they encounter on their journey, so the experience is unique for every user.

From onboard entertainment service to pioneering experience provider

Impact: Eurostar Odyssey transforms the notion of travel, making it as much about the journey as the destination. Odyssey lays the foundation for future Eurostar VR experiences, with VR headset vending machines due to be installed at stations in early 2018, and new chapters set for release.


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